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CineCast Cloud Service

CineCast Cloud is an online storage space primarily designed for NIKRAD NCSE-800+ Digital Cinema Server users, providing hassle-free high speed access and downloading of DCPs anywhere around the world.

CineCast simplifies the Digital Cinema Packages distribution process by providing a highly available fast cloud service to store digital content. The service is fully integrated into NCSE-800+ series and works out of the box.
DCP delivery has been a main concern of distributors, the never-ending cycle of sending hard drives or other mediums to far off places. CineCast addresses this problem by providing a fast delivery network over the internet, an intelligent time efficient distribution system that reduces costs and improves reliability by a huge factor.

Reliable Support

Continuous cinema operations are vital to the industry and we’ve felt that. We provide prompt support over all mediums.

Flexible Storage

The service is tuned to the needs of large content delivery and grows with your capacity requirements.

Worldwide Delivery

CineCast delivers content worldwide, simplifying the DCP distribution and digital cinema operations.

Fast and Secure

Delivering fast and secure content at industry standards with minimum integration requirements.