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About Us


NIKRAD Cinema is the sole manufacturer of Digital Cinema Servers in Middle East.


Our Story

Where It All Began

After fifteen years of experience in the multimedia world, NIKRAD company decided to enter the digital cinema world almost a decade ago.

It looked like an impossible path, given the technological capacity of the Iranian cinema at the time, but the first ever digitally mastered DCP was delivered to the only supporting digital screen at the time shortly afterwards.

Feeling the need for an affordable digital cinema server, NIKRAD Cinema decided to build one and two years later, NIKRAD Digital Cinema Server was born.

It was the sixth of its kind globally and still the only server manufactured from scratch in the Middle East.

NIKRAD Digital Cinema Servers are aimed at the non-DCI E-Cinema and Pre-show markets.

The NCSE cinema server series provide superior reliability, image quality and unmatched feature set, which reflects Nikrad’s ten years of digital cinema server design and manufacturing experience. The series support MPEG-2 files and offers the highest level of security possible in an E-Cinema server with HDCP link encryption, trusted device list for display devices, 128-bit AES encryption for content and 2048-bit RSA encryption for keys.